Tips For Turning Your Old Bathroom Into A New Showpiece

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Our bathrooms are our private sanctuaries where we can relax, rejuvenate ourselves and just think when needed.  When we move into our homes we typically have a bathroom that is content and usable, but typically not what we ultimately want.  This is why old bathroom removal charlotte and upgrades are so popular.

Color scheme

The first thing that you want to do is determine your color scheme.  The color scheme is what will give your bathroom an overall base.  The colors that we choose will allow light to come in, reflect around the room and really set the mood and tone of the room.


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The next component will be the flooring.  This in combination with the walls will help create an overall canvas for you and your bathroom.  Once these components are installed and ready the vision for your bathroom will be complete.

Tubs and toilets

The two major components that will be installed in your bathroom are the tub and the toilet.  With the bathtub you have a lot of different options.  The main two is to have a standalone bath or a bath and shower combination.  Depending on the space in your room you may lead more towards the combination.

Toilets are also very important.  The height of the toilet, the shape of the seat and the water flow are all components that you will want to take into consideration when deciding on your toilets.  When deciding on the toilet make sure that you try some of them out first since they will be a major purchase and longtime use.


Finally, you will want to work with your accessories.  These will be lighting options, mirrors, faucets, sinks and rugs.  All of these additional components will help to tie your bathroom together in a cohesive bathroom.